Intelligent Digital Marketing

Online advertising solutions for that deliver returns.

How Does It Work?

Account Manager

­All advertisers are assigned an account manager who will work together with the brand to find the best marketing methods to deliver tangible results to your business.

Quality Control

­We only work with the highest quality publishers. With over 100m + monthly impressions and publishers targeted in high value niches like iGaming & Finance, OfficialMedia is your first stop for marketing that really delivers.

No Banners

­Forget about banner advertising and pop ups. These methods do not work and may actually cause brand resentment. Our network is built for the future and uses clean ad formats that users and webmasters love to see.

Our Methods

We deliver results using three clear methods:


Native Ads

­Product placement for the internet. OfficialMedia can publish bespoke content, that features your brand on multiple websites in your niche. Become viral and get your story heard.



­Only pay for results. Typically, affiliate deals pay a share of revenue generated by users referred to your brand by OfficialMedia or a one off 'Cost Per Acquisition' for a new depositing customer or sale.


Traditional Advertising

­Display advertising still has value, but we have known for a long time that it needs to be done differently. Our adverts are beautiful, clean, and are better targeted than others. Your brand will not be displayed on unrelated sites - Our goal is to drive high value, relevant clicks, that actually convert.

Take Control of Monetization

Our advertisers can browse information on all of our publishers and express an interest. Explore by niche and find the sites perfect for your campaign.

Already Working with Us

Some of the world's best known brands and digital marketing agencies trust OfficialMedia to deliver results.
If marketing agencies use us, don't miss a trick, join them today.