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Over $427,982 payouts to our publishers. Currently 8 jobs outstanding worth total of $2,550

How Does It Work?


For Publishers

  • Ultimate Monetization - Make money from your website, like you never thought possible. OM offers the ultimate monetization platform.
  • On Time - Our partners are paid by the 10th of the following month, every month. Never again fiddle about with multiple monetization sources - everything you need is here.
  • Expertise - All publishers are assigned an account manager. It's their job to help you maximise your revenue, without diminishing your brand's core values.

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For Advertisers

  • Browse - Find the right advertising partners. Browse by niche and view key stats like; Alexa rank, Domain Authority, and Analytics metrics.
  • Performance - Only pay for results; Clicks, new customers, new depositors, revenue and more. Goodbye to ugly adverts, that have no choice of converting. Hello performance!
  • Scale - Deploy your campaigns using multiple marketing methods across numerous sites in your niche. Want to create a targeted wave? Look no further.

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Our network offers 3 methods of monetization:



­Make money by publishing sponsored content on behalf of our clients. We have a minimum of 50 jobs available per month averaging $400 per gig.



­Say goodbye to banner ads. Our traditional adverts pay $3.00+ in CPM, look awesome and your users will love them.



­Choose from a selection of over 100, industry leading, affiliate deals. Make up to $300 for every customer you refer to one of our partners or enjoy a lifetime revenue share.


Take a sneak peak of mission control and the tools you will use to monetize your business.

Officially...a name you can trust

OfficialMedia is owned and operated by 180Vita ltd. We have worked in performance marketing for over 5 years and have driven 100s of millions in new revenue to our partners through our own network of websites. We understand what it takes to make an online business successful. OfficialMedia is our chance to share our monetization resources and give other businesses the opportunity to generate far more revenue in a more effective way.

Brands who Advertise with Us

Some of the world's largest consumer facing brands and marketing agencies use OfficialMedia to drive traffic, brand awareness and revenue.